Welcome to my blog site. I hope you enjoy the page as much as I did building it. My title is called a new adventure which has many meanings in my life. My husband and I have been seperated the first three years of our marriage and we are finally together. So not only starting out like newly weds, we are also expecting our first child together in april which starts the biggest adventure of all. I wish everyone the best of luck in anything they want to do.

"Remember nothing meets you half way, If you want it than you must go for it." Quote from my step dad Tony.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My wonderful birthday weekend

This weekend was my 24th birthday and it was wonderful. Friday- we went shopping to get adam his halloween costume. It took forever because even at 4 years old, he is so tiny that nothing would fit him. We finally found a zombie one that he likes, My husband had to go to work, so me and adam hung out all day at home playing. After putting the lil one to bed, my husband called me because he was coming hoem from work. He told me to come down stairs. He suprised me with a WII and some games. I have always wanted one. So we stayed up till 4 in the morning playing it. The next day (Saturday the 23th) which is my b-day, my aunt and two cousins came over to spend the night. We all played the WII and just spent time together. The three kids with the help of my aunt made me a birthday cake which was very sweet. The next day, we went through some of mine and my husbands old army gear because my cousin is going to be an army man for halloween. So we got him all set up like a real soldier. After they went home, me, my husband and the lil one hung out before we brought him back home to his mom.


  1. Ambrosia - I love his costume! Happy belated birthday - it sounds like it was a fun weekend.

  2. Happy belated Ambrosia,
    My husband was expected me to send him a Wii to Iraq instead I got him a guitar, but before he had a chance to play it he got hurt. So it has been in our upstair bedroom collecting dust. I've put it on ebay 4 times, but no one want to pay what I'm asking for it, they want it for next to nothing. I plan on taking the money I get for it to purchase him a Wii.

    Your son's picture is so cute. I hope he had a good time and that you and your husband were able to take Adam out trick or treating together.

    Have a good week Ambrosia,

  3. Sounds like you had a great birthday. Happy Birthday. My son is also named Adam and he is also a little small. Must be the Adam's in this world. The WII is an awesome invention.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Your little monster was very cute for Halloween. As soon as I can figure out how to post pics I will.