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"Remember nothing meets you half way, If you want it than you must go for it." Quote from my step dad Tony.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The things kids say.

It is amazing what kids say these days. Since my step son found out about the expecting baby, he has been so excited. Everything is about the new baby. He would sit on my lap and poke my stomache. and ask if his baby brother could feel that. It is so cute. We dont know if it is a boy or girl but he says it a brother. So me and my husband asked what would happen if it is a girl and he said he wouldnt like it and will send it back.. LOL..

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  1. Haha! Kids are great! Not only in what they say, but what they DO! My youngest son, Ian, (who is now 9 years old) was a HORRIBLE baby. He cried 24/7 and put our patience to the test on a daily basis. Not just me and my husband...my three older kids got tired of it too. Nothing we did seemed to "work" and physically Ian was FINE...he was simply just a cranky baby. I remember one particular day when my 3rd son was playing in his bedroom--he was 4 years old at the time and Ian was about 6 months old. In an attempt to "get away" from Ian and get maybe 10 minutes of peace, I put Ian in his walker, rolled him into my 3rd son's bedroom, walked out, and shut the door. Maybe 10 seconds later, my 4 year-old opened the door, rolled Ian right back out, looked at me as if to say, "Um, no. He's your headache--not mine!", went right back in the bedroom and shut the door! Never laughed so hard in my life! ~Candi